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Tanzer History

This page provides links to various articles and interesting historical tidbits about the Tanzer.

The SailboatData.com site has this to say:
"The TANZER 22 was the most popular of all the Tanzer models. Most were constructed in Dorion, Que. But some were produced in Edenton., N.C., (270 units) and in Arlington, Wa. (167 units). About 200 were built as keel-centerboarders.
After Tanzer went out of business in 1986, the tooling was aquired by Kisber & Co., which built Tanzer models for about a year before selling out to Canadian Yacht Builders which never built another TANZER 22.
At some point, The TANZER 22 class association acquired the design, tooling and name of the boat by selling shares to members but is unknown at this time if any more have been built since then.

See http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=301 for link to above quote.

See also http://sailboatdata.com/view_designer.asp?designer_id=303 for models designed by Johann Tanzer and year first built.


A short history of the events surrounding the demise of Tanzer Industries. See http://www.tanzer-26.com/demise.htm

The early history of Johann Tanzer and the number of boats built by 1984 are in the April 1984 (#57) Tanzer Talk article.


Want to decode that serial number on the hull? Try this link.