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2012-07-22 Association Reorganization: meeting minutes and chain of e-mails to the membership.

2012-5-27 Some Tanzer History Tidbits

2012-3-27 Gabriella Tanzer Dies

2011-08-06 List of Members Without an E-mail Address

2011-03-09 A_Call_to_Action: T22 Class Association Survival

Old Announcements and Past Events
2011 T22 North Americans, Ottawa. Photo by Bob Engel

2011 North Americans, Ottawa. Photo by Bob Engel

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Tanzer Talk Achives

  • [Update 2009-09-27] We have now posted all the Tanzer Talks on-line in our restricted members area.  Thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time and effort. Special thanks to Phil Wilcox and Ken Gow for making this happen.
  • [Update 2009-08-29]  We currently have posted issues back to Volume 122 - Mar Apr 1997
  • [Update 2009-08-28]  All 5 News Letter Compendiums are now available on-line. Thank you John McCarthy from Fredericton, NB for helping us proof read the OCR scanned documents for Volume 5 and Richard Stonefeld, #261 Wet Willie from Middletown, PA for Volume 4.

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